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Getting Started With Superb  
Registering or Transferring a Domain

This page was created to provide additional help registering a new domain or transferring an existing domain to Superb. If you have any questions about this document or suggestions on how to make this document more helpful, please email them to CustomerService@Superb.net.

This information is also available as a downloadable .pdf file. Click here to download. The original Getting Started document can be downloaded by clicking here.

Log in to the myCP® control panel:
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After completing your order, you should have received an E-mail from us with important account information. If you need to have the E-mail re-sent, please contact our Customer Service Team. In that E-mail, you should have your myCP® control panel login information:

Account Details:
FTP Loginshb99_000
IP Address
Copy and paste the URL for your myCP® control panel (https://myCP.Superb.net) into the address bar of your browser, and using your account information, log in.

Inside myCP®:
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The myCP® control panel lets you manage and update your hosting account. You can create and edit E-mail addresses, enter Support Tickets, and manage domains. Your myCP® control panel interface should be similar to the image shown below:
myCP Control Panel screenshot
When you are in the myCP® control panel, you need to click on the Register Domain link. The right hand column is for Account Management. Under the Account Management column is the Domain Names section. In this section you will find the Register Domain link. Click on this link to register or transfer a domain.
myCP Control Panel inset

Registering a New Domain
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When you click on the Register Domain link, you will have access to Superb Registrar through myCP®. Depending on the hosting package you have signed up for, you may be entitled to a free domain registration. This is the only way to redeem the coupon for a free domain.

myCP Control Panel - Register Domain

Type in the domain you want to register, and click on the button to check the availability of the domain. There are several, less-traditional domain extensions that are available (.ca, .co.uk, .tv, etc.) that can be selected from a list on the page.

myCP Control Panel - Check Availability

When the system returns the list of available domains, you can make your selection(s) from the list and click on 'Add to Cart' to continue with the transaction. If there are no domains available (or none of the available choices are of interest), you can use the Back button on your browser to return to the previous page and check the availability of a different domain.

Once you have decided on a domain and added it to your cart, you will be re-directed to a page that lists all the domains you have selected to register. Click on the link to view your cart, and you can review all the domains that you have selected to register.

myCP Control Panel - Review & Order Domains

There are a lot of choices that can be made regarding your domain. The Price dropdown menu will determine the number of years you would like to register your domain for. The total price is listed adjacent to the number of years, with 10 years being the maximum number of years a domain can be registered for. Please note, the price of a domain will vary depending on the extension (.com, .org, .biz, etc.). The ID Protect dropdown menu has the same options as the Price dropdown. ID Protect allows you to keep your registration information private. If someone does a WhoIs lookup, the information used to register the domain will be publicly available unless you choose the ID Protect option.

The 'P' icon (Superb Registrar - Pre-configuration optional or Superb Registrar - Pre-configuration required) is a link that lets you edit or update the information used to register the domain (DNS information, contact information, technical contact, etc.). The information available to the public (via a WhoIs lookup) will vary depending on whether or not the ID Protect option is selected. If you do not update or edit the information, the default information for the registration will be the information you used to create your account. If you see the red/burgundy 'P' icon (Superb Registrar - Pre-configuration required), it means that information is required before you can complete the registration process for that domain.

myCP Control Panel - Cart Summary & Credit

As mentioned previously, some packages include a coupon for a free domain registration. The coupon credit, as shown above, is automatically applied when you register a new domain through your myCP® control panel.

myCP Control Panel - Place Order

After you have decided on a domain, confirmed it is available, added it to your cart, and reviewed the order, simply click on the button to place the order.

Transferring Your Domains to Superb
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Transferring a domain requires that you log in to myCP®. Log in to the myCP® control panel, click on the link to Register Domain, and on the secondary menu (above the title 'Check & Register Domains'), click on 'Transfer.'

myCP Control Panel - Transfer a Domain

To transfer a domain, you have to make sure that it is unlocked. You will need to make this change with your current registrar. If you are unsure if your domain is unlocked or who your registrar is, please click here to do a WhoIs lookup on your domain. You can compare the results from the WhoIs lookup of your domain to this one for SuperbHosting.net.

Near the top of the page is the line 'Registration Service Provided By: Superb Internet Technologies, Inc..' This is where it will list your current registrar. After 'Technical Contact,' the 'Status' of the domain is 'Locked.' In order to transfer the domain, the status would have to be changed to 'Unlocked.' Please contact your current registrar for help unlocking your domain.

NOTE: A domain must be at least 60-days old for a transfer to be completed. If a domain has been transferred within the last 45-days, it cannot be transferred. For .org domains, the waiting period is 60-days. These are restrictions established by the Public Interest Registry.

Only the following domains can be transferred using this form:

.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .name, .ca, .us, .cc, .tv, .in, .cn, .com.cn, .net.cn, .org.cn, .com.tw, .org.tw, .idv.tw

As per ICANN regulations, the gaining registrar is required to obtain express authorization from the Transfer Contact(s) (listed Registrant or the Administrative Contact), so a transfer may only proceed if confirmation of the transfer is received by the Gaining Registrar by the Transfer Contact. Authorization must be obtained via Auto-verification/E-mail Authorization.

When an auto-verification transfer order is submitted, a verification email will be sent to the registrant and administrative contact(s) for the domain(s). (In accordance with ICANN Regulations, transfer verification will NOT be sent to technical, billing or other listed contacts for the domain.)

NOTE: If this verification is not received, the transfer will not proceed. Without this verification, transfer requests are not sent to the registry and the domain will not be put into "Pending Transfer" status for release by the losing registrar.

Once a transfer request has been submitted to the registry, (moving the domain into "pending transfer" status), the current registrar for the name will receive notification of the request. ICANN Transfer Policy dictates that current registrar must release the domain within five days of the date and time they were notified of the transfer request.

This is an automated process that involves at least four parties (the global registry, two registrars and the domain contacts). Notifications and approvals are processed automatically except when an explicit request is made by the registrant or administrative contact of the domain to manually approve (ACK) or deny (NACK) a transfer request. The explicit request is made to the registrar of record (losing registrar). The gaining registrar cannot ACK or NACK a transfer request.

For more information about the transfer of the domain, please contact Customer Service. For more information about the rules and regulations for transferring domains, please visit the ICANN website.

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